Guest Designer - Joren Thys

by 05-05 Shop Admin on 08 June 21

For our first collab we have worked together with graphic designer, DJ and painter Joren Thys. Our shared passion for nature, art, color and lines resulted in a colorful shoe collection in which timeless designs and unexpected details set the tone.

I, Nele, head of footwear design live in the green and silent country side of Antwerp. I like to live on the rhythm of nature and be inspired by what it has to show us. So when this collection gradually began to take shape, I got overwhelmed by the impact that nature has on my day to day life.

Now that spring is coming, nature is luring us out again. Enjoying the first rays of the sun, seeing new life emerge from the ground, contemplating the fresh greenery, walking through the splendor of colors of a field of flowers. Little by little the days get longer and warmer until everything slows down due to the heat, we slow down and sink into a siesta.

With these images in mind, I started this new collection. I went looking for photos of flower meadows and painted them over with the same colors, in thick and bold areas. I showed the result to Joren, who put his own spin on it. This resulted in a striking print that is used in the collection and keeps popping up in sometimes unexpected color combinations. The print that Joren designed is both airy and full, both fragile and robust. Frivolous and light lines are combined with oily spots that brighten and predominate. The shoes with prints are complemented by solid designs in a wide range of colors, from soft to very bright and different textures meet. The collection exudes diversity, just like the nature that inspires Joren and I.

The new designs in collaboration with Joren Thys are added to the permanent spring and summer collection from 05-05, with sandals, flip-flops and slingbacks in sunny shades.