0505Radio - La Primavera '21

by 05-05 Shop Admin on 08 June 21

Let us treat you with our newest edition of 0505 Radio, take your chair, find a window where the sun can find you and close your eyes.

For me, it's not a coincidence that on this day of happiness spring is starting. 

Weather the sun is out or the skies are filled with clouds it is a reminder of the start of new life. The first flowers come out, the first insects open their eyes and risk the change in weather, because every day can still be different.
On days like these you feel change is about to come, and somehow this idea of change is enough to give me energy and hope. For us to dance again very close to one an other, in large groups, in open air or crowded clubs. To have a full table, make food for everyone, chat and eat without masks, without having to think how big is 1.5m. 

Soon it will be possible, because change is around the corner as spring has sprung.


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