0505 Footwear is a footwear label that produces high-quality, bespoken designs. Original pieces with a frivolous touch of colour and surprising details, made in a limited edition. Our exclusive designs don’t come from trends but instinct and desire. With a sustainable eye we go for 0% overstock.

Nele lives with her nose in nature and her heart in the city. With an open mind, brash and uninhibited, she designs shoes for those who stand with both feet in life but who dare to enjoy stolen moments.

05-05, read; fifth of the fifth not only refers to the date of birth of Huysmans, but is also a tribute to the two hands of the craftmen & women who make the shoes. Everything stands or falls with respect for the craftsmanship that creates this luxury product.

Gianna breathes aesthetics, her eye for detail and embellished sense of combining the most exceptional pieces gives her an unseen fashion sense. Besides this, she moves her thoughts by making organic ceramics, objects that give an eclectic touch to your interior.

Our sustainable view of fashion is the principle of 0% overstock.

We start with the use of ecologically tanned waste leather from the meat industry, where no chemicals are used and the water needed to make the skin into leather can break itself down again.

Our collections are presented a few weeks or months before the launch of the collection. When you participate in the presale, the better we know what to produce, you can enjoy a limited time discount and we are one step closer to 0% overstock. In turn, a design remains in the collection as long as it is in stock and remains relevant in design. This way you get a big overlap in the seasons, but we can always surprise you with limited edition of new pieces.